A Troll and His Sheep (Are Soon Parted)

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By: Gnaash Posted on: February 12, 2006

Is poem about fellow troll Gnaash meet in Lodi Valley, seem have some trouble with keep sheep from disappear.

One day, walking,
To nobody talking,
Gnaash meet troll
At dead lamb gawking.
Troll name Blaan,
Big as two man,
Tears on cheek
From dark eyes ran.
Blaan distressed,
Gnaash ask for quest.
Some sharp claws
Of sheep made mess.
Gnaash agree
Any could see
That not how lamb
Supposed to be.
Off Gnaash go
Through valley low
To ask the kitties
Just what they know.
Is Nature way
For cat to prey,
But Gnaash give kitty
New game to play.
Gnaash draw steel
And wildcat feel
What it like to be
Half a meal.
Gnaash no like waste,
Kill cat with haste.
If cook right,
Just like chicken taste.