A Prayer

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By: Skye Posted on: June 28, 2006

A prayer to my Lady Kastalia, and Her Divine Parents.


Guard my sleeping, crescent light
Drive the darkness from the night
Bequeath to me inspired heart
Sacred words I may impart

Waxer Waner
Bless my mind
O Thrice Holy
I behold

Watch my battles, raging tempest
Blight my foes tis my request
Guide my blows strike hard and true
Adverseries I may subdue

Sea and Ocean
Bless my might
Wave Eternal
I behold

Lead me safely, moonlit tear
Lunar light in mists so sheer
Open my eyes to paths ahead
Myriad lands I bravely tread.

Lake and River
Bless my soul
Fluvian Lily
I behold

Be with me always
Within my sight
Within my heart
Within my mind