A Logosmas Tale

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By: Wivylma Posted on: November 19, 2006

The Druids had gathered around
An elder who sat on the ground.
Around them 'twas clear
That Logosmas cheer
With plenty of joy did abound.

Each Ward held a candy cane stick
From which juices ran with each lick
The piles of pie
Were heaped to the sky-
For Druidic parties are slick.

The elder said, "Now is the season
When for inexplicable reason
With ivy and holly
and everything jolly
We eat till our appetites weaken!

Tonight you'll go home to your Groves
With garlands and chocolate in droves
Your stockings you'll take
and hang them up straight
Hope to find them full with your probes.

But this is my warning to you
Would that you heed it well, too!
To climb to the top
of the highest spot
And only up there hang that shoe.

The reason I'll not leave unsaid
There once was a Ward called Ahmed
A human was he
Nearly tall as a tree
But lazy and fond of his bed.

On that fateful Logosmas night
He sighed when he looked on the sight
Of his Grove's tall trees
Which might skin his knees-
That thought made him weep at his plight.

So rather than climbing up high
He reached down, about to his thigh
His stocking he hung
And then himself flung
Down to his bed with a sigh.

Late the next day he awoke
Sat up and gave stocking a poke
He felt a lump
It looked quite plump!
He thought himself a lucky bloke.

Said Ahmed 'Now what could this be?
A mirror and razors for me?
'To shave off that beard
And not look so weird
He read the card quite sadly.

'Surely the next will be better
Said he, and took out a letter,
'These perfumes are swell
They'll make you not smell-
Or rather, smell like something better!

When of the last gift he took hold
His heart leapt- a pile of gold!
'This is my donation
For your reincarnation,'
The message with it left him cold.

That day when his friends with him sat
Each wore a new ring or new hat,
He had naught to show
But bowed his head low
His Logosmas had fallen flat.

So listen, you Druids and Wards,
When stockings you hang by their cords
Be eager to climb
Up a very tall pine
Or you may be mistaken for dwarves!"