A Lesson In Tattoos

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By: Spudd Posted on: June 22, 2007

Whilst enchanting for a young Tsol'aa
A pair of water-walking shoes
She asked a ponderous question:
"Excuse me Sir, but what use are tattoos?"

I departed the ouroboros
Raced to her side in double time
And answered her the best way how
Which is, of course, in rhyme!

"On your arms or on your head
Little Tsol'aa, what should you seek?
What, tattoos? Yes, Very well done
But remember, each is unique

For every magical tattoo
Has an interesting power
When etched with care upon your skin
You have new skills that very hour

The firefly flits to and fro
Playing gaily through dusk's gentle bloom
But when you touch it on your skin
You may see in the darkest gloom

Your lifeblood is draining swiftly
You feel and your death is nigh
Alas what course shall you take?
Touch a moss, to clot, lest you die

Flying, falling, tremors vibes
These can leave you full of dismay
But if you touch your delicate feather
Levitation shall save the day

Picked a fight you cannot win?
You are in serious pain
Touch a shield, get a chance to heal
Whilst your foe attacks in vain

Blinded and deafened with no epidermal
Tut tut, no need to fear
For a simple touch of your Mindseye tatt
Will let you see and hear

Someone hiding behind a shield?
Don't waste time awaiting their move
Invest your inks in a Hammer
So their shield, you can safely remove

Those who try to Brazier you
Are now all laughable dreamers
For a simple touch of a cloak tattoo
Can shield from irksome subpoenas

Paranoia setting in?
Is everybody watching you?
A simple trick is to ink a Bell
To see if the conspiracy is true

With depleted health, where can you turn?
To vials, herbs or skills?
No, dear child, just touch your Crystal
For a daily healing of ills

Mental reserves are not endless
Even for a clever Grook
Touch a Moon for regeneration
When your mana is looking crook

Despite Her loving nature
Few desire to see Maya in Her Halls
A starburst resurrects once upon your death
To stop you traversing those bittersweet walls.

Need a little pick-me-up
to get you feeling right as rain?
A boar tattoo will regenerate health
To get you on your feet again

Sick of adventurers running away?
Are they to fleet to scythe?
A Web tattoo can hold them in place
Well, at least until they writhe

Snakes in trees or bombing Magi
Are no longer beyond your reach
The Tentacle can pluck them from the sky
From oak, willow and beech

Is someone looking drowsy?
You can now put them to sleep
The Hourglass uses sands of time
To have you foe counting sheep

Your target is avoiding you
Trying not to meet
Use the power of the Brazier
To summon them to your feet

Why walk or ride to someone
When you can move in style!
For those who enjoy teleportation
A Prism is worthwhile

Overwhelmed with afflictions?
Then listen to this rhyme
The Tree of Life will save you from strife
With a short recovery time

Magical and mental tasks
Can leave your mind quite drained
The Megalith can help, for it
Hastens how fast willpower is regained

Swinging swords and physical duties
Can even wear out even a troll
Touch the Ox to regain that endurance
And keep your body feeling whole

Need to hide your face on public lists?
Confuse others with this mirage
For just one touch of the Chameleon
Gives you someone else's visage

And that my young Tsol'aa
Is the magic of tattoos
All of them important to know
Though not all you will use"

Patting her on the back I sent her
To Vinci to make her choice
And looking around I sought another
To dazzle with my singing voice.