A Fell Wind Blows

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By: Sancero Posted on: March 29, 2007

The following is an account of the 'Morning Star incident' and its consequences as recorded from the ramblings of a self-proclaimed oracle professing to have a spiritual channel to Sarapis, the Logos.

-A Fell Wind Blows-

Far off beyond the Sky a Giant slept
Unseen, unnamed, unknown to mortal Minds.
Within its fiery Gut this Giant kept
A Power that would rival the Divine.
Engulfed in Flame, across the Weave it roamed,
Its Path by God or Man unascertained.
Yet in its Quest the Star was not alone:
A Power greater still claimed this Domain.

A Pit of endless Depth, a yawning Gulf
Compelled by untold Greed to sate its Thirst.
It made to swallow Morningstar itself,
But in this Folly caused the Star to burst.
A Wave of Flame and Fury swept the Void
Which Abbadon with selfish Lust consumed
And gorging past its Fill the Pit enjoyed
A Moment's Satiation 'fore its Doom.

The End of Abbadon sent forth a Wind,
Conflated Dark and Light both wed with Taint,
That sped toward the Home of Mortalkind
And washed the Planet's Face in Death and Pain.
The Weave did warp and bend beneath its Weight,
Its Fabric torn almost beyond Repair.
Not even Brother Time could change this Fate;
I watched my Children die and did despair.

The Skylord felt my Woe and by His Hand
Did cleanse the Skies of that polluting Stain.
Oneiros in His Mercy touched the Land
And called the Earth and Seas to Health again.
All those who prayed to Me did I restore
These Mortals who too soon gave up their Lives.
I saved their Souls as I have done before
And by My Word did Life from Death arise.

But even as the Taint was swept away
Still Eddies in the Planet's wake did stir.
New Threads upon the Weave were spun that Day:
Two sibling Gods upon our World conferred.
The Child of Abbadon was born of Pain,
His Sister born of Light was warm and kind.
Apollyon alone does yet remain:
The never-fading Legacy of Wind.