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The Oversoul is an Occultic concept related to the intricate physical and metaphysical bonds that an organisation shares with its material holdings and surroundings. It refers to the psychic bonds of an organisation - a given system's collective spirit or genius loci - that allows for such necessary ties as telepathic channels, specialised news boards, and other such member-specific utilities. The membership itself constitutes but a minor part of the Oversoul; of greater importance are an organisation's historical records, physical establishments (whether Guildhall, city buildings, or otherwise), tutors, and the like.

The most commonly cited example of Oversoul death is the dissolution of the Infernals Guild, in which the majority of the populace of Ashtan rose up against the Necromantic knights and destroyed their physical assets entirely. Though the members still existed, they were akin to leaves without a tree - alike in purpose and design but lacking a sufficient physical foundation to tie them all together.