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Makali, Goddess of Destruction
Realm Destruction
Symbols None
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name Durga
Temples the Temple of Destruction in the Granite Hills

Makali, Goddess of Destruction, was the conscious, Divine embodiment of the principles of destruction, whether that destruction be material, ethereal, or symbolic in nature. She was born in the year 360 AF, in an event known to mortals as the Birth of Destruction.

She could come as gently as the slow dawning of realisation in a deeply-meditating man or with all the force of volcanic eruptions or planets colliding in the deepness of space. One edge of Her blade cut with dissolution, loss and separation; the other: renewal and transformation.

In the year 395 AF, through a vast input of power from the Logos Himself, Makali was merged with the Goddess Maya, Mother of Humanity. Through this union, She became Maya, the Great Mother and Creatrix of Achaea.