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Members of the Horkval race are armour-clad insectoids, first documented in the annals of history for their participation in the battles on Nishnatoba. Notably, the shock-troops of Aegis, God of War, were composed primarily of Horkval armed with spears and shields who fought well as a cohesive unit.

The origins of the horkvali race are unknown. The Rapo'kir Hive settlement of Horkvals resides on the island of Ulangi, but whether that was where they originated or were simply placed by the God of War as reward for their deeds done is not known. However, the hobgoblin Blademaster Matic Ridley's accounts pertaining to the Black Wave describe beings matching the description of Horkvals as living in the Underrealm.

Horkvals are given the ability to leap. Adventurers of other races longing to mimic them must purchase the chitin greaves artefact.