Great Rock

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East of the road which runs through the Savannah from North of New Thera is the Great Rock. Like a huge, black stone anvil, the Great Rock is placed upon a bleak and flattened plain north of the Pachacacha River. On the southern face of the rock, a daring adventurer might find the entrance to a cavern, which contains the subterranean Dungeon of the Beastlords the Fortress of the Beast and the Temple of the Beastlords.


Just as winter was passing in 396 AF, a great rumbling alerted all of Sapience to the fact that the statue of Lord Sartan upon the summit of the Great Rock had come alive. It quickly made its way to Shallam, slaughtering everything and everyone who got in its way until it was finally defeated. All that remains upon the summit is a large, stone base.


Flora and Fauna

Mature bloodroot plants and patches of irid moss can be found growing in the caverns.

The tight corridors of the Great Rock are home to bat-like stirges, and giant slugs have made their home in the moist environs of the cavern as well. Two-headed cerberi accompany the cultists, and a number of them reside in a kennel near the cultists' living quarters.