Conclave Reckoning

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During the Conclave Reckoning, which took place in 656 AF, the wizard Maklak challenged Yudhishthira for control of the band of sages. Quoting the Rules of the Reckoning, each side took twenty-eight months to demonstrate their worthiness and used adventurers as tools to battle for control. Each of the two Conclave members recognised this to be a personal challenge and agreed not to hold grudges against either the adventurers or their organisations beyond the limits of the trial itself. During this time, the city of Cyrene experienced its House Renaissance and the Protean relics were unleashed upon the world. In the end, the Greater Dragon Yudhishthira utterly and completely defeated Maklak before returning to his proper place in Polyargos where he stands ready to lead the Conclave to greater heights than ever before.