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Survival is a skill that everyone receives. Adventurers automatically learn Survival abilities as they gain levels of experience. Survival deals with outdoors issues as well as general survival issues. Survival abilities include swimming, climbing trees, attacking dimensional wormholes, healing your limbs by force of will alone, and many other useful abilities.

Abilities in Survival

Ability Description
Fishing Ply the waterways of Sapience for fish galore.
Considering Find out the strength of others.
Brawling Enter into basic combat with your fists and feet.
Navigating Navigate to various landmarks in Sapience.
Diagnose Check up on your physical and mental health.
Distance Sense the distance to a specific LANDMARK.
Swimming Swim in the beautiful oceans, rivers, and lakes of Achaea.
Surveying Gain information on the characteristics of your location.
Selfishness Become too selfish to throw or give anything away.
Perceive Determine if a forest area is a Druidic grove.
Assessing Ascertaining the health of a target.
Dousing Only you can stop forest fires!
Physiology Discern your ailments more efficiently.
Sewers Gaining entry to the dark underbelly of the cities.
Satiation Enhance the value of what you eat.
Metawake Cause yourself to quickly wake up automatically.
Tumbling Tumble past obstructions.
Focusing Curing mental afflictions by sheer will.
WormAttack Attacking dimensional wormholes.
Clotting Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Insomnia Cause yourself to be unable to fall asleep.
Swinging Climbing up into the trees.
Shaking Shaking a tree to see what falls out.
Clinging Clinging tightly onto a tree.
Blunder An indiscriminate charge.
Restoration Healing damaged limbs by force of will.
Clearing Clear away rubble.
Heartstop Slay yourself by stopping your heart.
Breathing Controlling your breathing to avoid asphyxiation.
Curseward Erect a barrier against curses.
Suppress Suppress protective vibrations.
Efficiency Manage your resources with greater precision.

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