Well of Chaos

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The Well of Chaos was the city-relic bestowed upon Ashtan during the War of the Divine Child. This well was created by the Goddesses Valnurana and Eris with the Eye of Proteus. When the corpses of Lesser Eidolon from other Fonts are used to fill the Well, it summoned the Zarathustran eagle to defend the city. In centuries past, the Well of Chaos brought forth the Guardian of Chaos. However, during the period of the Eternal Night, the Well became damaged and caused Chaos rifts to open in Ashtan that transported unsuspecting adventurers to random parts of the city. In order to repair the well, the Guardian of Chaos entered it and merged with the soul of Zarathustra to create the eagle.

The Well itself resided in Ashtan's Central Market, its mouth outlined in gems. Primal energy seethed in the depths of the massive pit, tempting observers to plunge down into the mesmerising pool. Small bubbles of chaos gurgled up from the Well's abyss, floating up in the air before popping.

The Well of Chaos was destroyed in 800 AF by Terrin'tuuran during the Third Black Wave. It was later replaced by the Weave of Conflict.