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Madelyne is an aging Atavian with the fun-loving spirit of a halfling.

House Leadership

Shortly after her eighteenth birthday and graduation from Loom Island, Madelyne joined Ty Beirdd. The arts became the main focus of her life and, while accumulating a respectable amount of bardic and artisanal prizes, she progressed from student to leadership. On 14 Aeguary, 547 AF, Madelyne was elected the first female Provost of Aestheticism of Ty Beirdd, replacing the former leader Azzad Ravenstar.

When Ty Beirdd fell during Valnuary, 657 AF, Madelyne was selected as a founder of the Virtuosi, a new house of artists and craftspeople. Her first Proctor, Corwin, returned during this time and she begged, pleaded, and whined for him to be her mentor, as she'd never had one before. Finally, he agreed, noting that at her age he certainly couldn't do any more harm than life itself had already done, and promptly fell back into dormant sleep.

Upon completing all ten paths of study, a victory which took less than half a century to complete, to the shock of many of her fellow artists Madelyne quit the house and appealed to Certimene who inducted her into the Grand Merchant Collective. Under the tutelage of House leadership, she quickly gained full membership and, when the position was left open, served as Head Shopkeeper.


Aside from spending her rebellious years as a teenager in Tasur'ke, she lived the bulk of her life in the city of Cyrene where she earned the rank of Lady twice over. Soon after leaving the Virtuosi, she gleefully renounced her Cyrenian citizenship and floated over the clouds (literally, she's an Atavian with a set of Atavian wings, to boot!) to her new home in Hashan where she exists as a constant sparkle of glitter amongst the spectres and shadows. When Cyrene banned Hashani from walking their streets, Madelyne renounced all citizenship in order to remain neutral for marketing purposes.

Former Titles

Madelyne's former titles include mortal Order Head for Lord Agatheis and Senator of Cyrene.


A lover of books and knowledge in general, Madelyne is librarian of both organisational and personal libraries across the continent, including the famed Lucretian Athenaeum. The author of a good number of tomes, she also maintains a personal library of considerable size. Contrary to the opinion of some, she does not plagiarise.


Never one to turn down a drink, Madelyne stunned her peers when she took first prize in the Year 700 drinking competition. She considers the prize, a drinking horn filled with darkbrew, among her most cherished of all possessions and has since purchased one of every available alcoholic beverage from The Shop of Wonders.


Madelyne's true claim to fame, more so than any title or accomplishment, is her collection of loyal creatures. The menagerie fills well over half of any given room across the continent. She currently ranks among the top Collections in Ahaea, where she was the first mortal to possess every collectible creature in the Minipets category.

The most notorious member of her loyal following is Peabody, a shocking pink flamingo with a distaste for sirens, save for a select few. In his spare time, Peabody practices yodeling in random places across the world.

She also collects figurines, such as the ones described in the bardic story Mythical Battle authored by Dortheron.


In Aeguary, 736 AF, Madelyne founded the Cabinetmakers of Achaea, a clan where adventurers with the Furnishing trade skill could better learn about their abilities.