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Ferdaus Sparrow-Le'Yuet is son of the late Sir Lereas Sparrow, once great Guildmaster of the Paladins. His mother is Rosette Sparrow, a faithful devotee of The Divine Order of Ourania and owner of the Castle Du Sparrow mansion which resides in Shallam. He carries the Le'Yuet family name from his previous wife Gwendra, daughter of Lady Aelyn Le'Yuet and Geraint Corten. His ancestors are from the Lighthawk and Weltsdown family. Raised from a noble and a proud family has trained him to be honourable and respectful towards others. However, he is not blinded by the wealth that surrounds him. He is very humble in person and known to be quite generous to the poor.

He is Atavian from birth, as both of his parents are. His hair is dark, black and wavy and having deep-brown almost blackish eyes. He is also having a thin, trimmed moustache and a black-goatee beard to complete his features. A slightly bulging tummy with a tropical-tanned skin added to his look. His wing feathers are brilliantly white on the dorsal major areas with a distinctive silver end on the primary flight feathers tip.

He was a Sentinel, and became the Sentinels of Nature since its Guild era. He was very loyal to the House, and during his time he has served as Newcomer Aide as well as aide in a couple other departments. As one would expect from a common forestal he was also a villager in Eleusis, although he currently no longer affiliates with any village or city organisation. He was relieved of his duties due to an unplanned long vacation, and during the recent changes to the Houses within Eleusis he has finally chosen to be a lone wanderer. Already a master concoctionist, he is now on the path to higher experience.