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Located at the centre of the Temple of Gaia in the Western Ithmia forest, the tree landmark became the focal point for the local energies fallen from the dead star Ethian. Once a year, during Ethian's Crossing in Sarapin, the tree could be influenced and its energies swayed toward either generating devotion or life essence. To influence the tree's alignment, icicles from the Vashnar Mountains and cubes of blackwater from Lake Belladona had to be melted on the tree. When more icicles were melted, the tree became known as the Gaian Tree, while more cubes of blackwater melted brought Thoth's Bough into being. (The Gaian Tree was so named because it was used to imprison Gaia after She was driven to madness and slew Twilight in what is today referred to as Gaia's betrayal. Several years after, She was cured and released. Later still, the Gaian Tree became the Great Oak after releasing its essence to save the forests after Gaia's departure, though it continued to represent the "Good" aspect of the tree landmark in this renamed form.)

The tree became defunct with the other landmarks after the failed experiment by the Conclave resulted in the Reflection Incident. Remaining dormant for the years to follow, the tree finally surrendered its latent power during the Birth of Destruction to give rise to the Lady Makali.

The tree landmark was also the site of the yew seed planted by the Goddess of Destruction that would later figure significantly in the birth of the Goddess Artemis.