The Pyramid

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By: Yoggy Posted on: September 23, 2005

As I sat within the sun-kissed desert,
The sand slithering through my toes;
I caught sight of an ancient master piece,
The Erisian Pyramid as it's known.
It's cold, unfeeling corridors,
Echoed across the wind.
And called me to it's dark embrace,
Where many have been drawn within.

I clambered up its abandoned stairway,
And came to my first Tier.
Not knowing what awaited me,
I entered with great fear.

A sudden burst of chaos,
Grabbed my weary hand;
And guided me through oblivion,
In to no-mans land.

Suddenly I heard a crunch,
Of old and dying leaves;
And my suffocating darkness,
Evapourated into breeze.

Standing there in front of me,
Statued like a tree,
Stood what seemed to be a woman,
Deadly as can be.

Her body was a hefty stick,
Her eyes were red like fire.
And as her hand thrust into me,
My body did despire.

Once again the world was black,
And nothing I could see.
Till faintly in the distance,
I heard Maya call to me.