The Miscellaneous Artefact Shop

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The Miscellaneous Artefact Shop is located in Delos. Run by Merentesh, the shop sells the following Miscellaneous Artefacts:

Weapon Price
a Hammer of Forging 400cr
a ring of flying 400cr
a pair of eagle's wings 800cr
a pair of Atavian wings 2000cr
an Ekanelian Jewel 350cr
a pair of ivory dice 50cr
wolverine's claws 500cr
an Intellect Crown 500cr
a bracelet of sustenance 550cr
Robes of the Magi 1000cr
an Armband of Celerity 500cr
a Shadowcloak 800cr
a Gem of Transmutation 1000cr
a Whip of Thorns 300cr
a staff of illusion 500cr
an Aldar Diadem 850cr
an Anklet of Dashing 500cr
a deathmask 750cr
a Medallion of Enchantments 300cr
a collar of Lupus 250cr
a dagger of reincarnation 100cr
a Cane of the Quickening 300cr
a mask of lifevision 750cr
a wand of portals 800cr
a vibrating stick 800cr
a clay flowerpot 200cr
a glittering fishscale tunic 400cr
a signet ring 50cr
a Loki's Tear amulet 250cr
Gloves of Harvesting 300cr
a quill of inscribing 250cr
ale (drinking horn) 150cr
an orb of suppression 500cr
an aural earring 150cr
goggles of whitesight 150cr
a luxurious black top hat 25cr
a silver tuning fork 200cr
a prismatic lantern 350cr
a horn of plenty 250cr
a Runic Gauntlet 350cr
a serpentine keyring 100cr
a Brooch of the Tempest 150cr
chitin greaves 700cr
Anake's Hood 800cr
a satin-wrapped box of chocolates 200cr
a set of mithril spurs 500cr
Prospero's Lesser Vault 350cr
Prospero's Greater Vault 500cr
a taper of eternity 50cr
a painter's palette 450cr