Temple of the Seasons

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The Temple of the Seasons, the primary place of worship for Melantha, Goddess of the Seasons, was built from the basic framework of the Temple of the now transformed Goddess Demeter, hidden in the midst of the Aerinewild Forest.

Within the temple resides Kalleah, the spirit of the Hazel, Aelysha, a sleek black jaguar, as well the the spirits of the Seasons: Aviva, the spirit of Spring, Elodie, the spirit of Summer, Chrysanthis, the spirit of Autumn and Eunomia, the spirit of Winter.

While the temple still retains some rooms and artefacts from Lady Melantha's time as Lady Demeter, the Wheel of the Seasons came into being shortly after Her emergence from the Netherworld and defeat of the Wyrm of the Worlds.