Temple of Fluvialis

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The Temple of Fluvialis was a small, circular sanctuary to Neraeos, God of the Sea, located centrally in the city of Hashan and constructed under the direction of Pytheos, the Architect. Gifted to Hashan during Neraeos' time as city patron, the Temple of Fluvialis was crafted solely of white marble columns and a tall, arching dome, leaving the structure open to the bustling outside city. Three statues resided within the Temple: one to Borak, Caspeid of the Northern Seas, one to Zaphar, Old Man of the River, and one to, of course, Lord Neraeos. The Temple was gifted alongside its corresponding Spring of Fluvialis.

On the 22nd of Lupar, 609AF, a series of violent explosions rocked the centre of Hashan. Dark plumes of smoke filled the air accompanied by devious cackling. A Caspiite Cultist was then seen fleeing the city, leaving in his wake the ruins of the Temple of Fluvialis.