Temple of Concordia

Its entrance hidden somewhere along the banks of Lake Vundamere in the Savannah, the Temple of Concordia lies almost entirely directly beneath the waters. Those who visit this place of worship for Tarah, Goddess of Harmony and Compassion, can peruse several texts preaching the ways of Good: the Holy Codex, the Codex of Light, some teachings from Lady Mithraea, and Tarah's own Numen Concordi, a collection of all the Goddess' writings both before and after Her famed 100-year-long journey.

Those looking to have a more interactive experience while visiting the temple may want to search out Lady Tarah's pet mynah bird, Raffles, who was famed for his ability to mimic anyone's words (and voice) and repeat phrases taught to him by the Concordium. Flora-wise, the Temple of Concordia is well-known for its magnificent bushes of silver-hued roses. Interestingly, the temple also exhibits a variety of climbing floral vines, which can thrive in the darkness of the underground environment, bloom certain flowers at different times of the day, and have growth cycles that react to the changing of the seasons.