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The stickpeople are a strange tribe of sentient wildling trees. Resembling skinny men and women with shocks of wild green hair and offset eyes, they twitch and wander about the Primordial Forest of Chaos in their rainbow-hued shifts.

During a party celebrating the arrival of the Lady Demeter to the Garden, Eris, Goddess of Chaos, unwittingly consumed a goblet of Primordial Green as a result of a prank by the Green Lady. The results, as expected, were chaotic as a strange forest began to grow within the Tier of Primal Chaos of the Erisian Pyramid. Soon stick-like treefolk began to evolve from this chaotic environment. These wildling trees then became known as the stickpeople.

They are believed to be a species related to the Treekin and are particularly reactive to the word "Fnord."