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Sleep is a restorative process through which adventurers can regain lost health and endurance. This is enhanced with the dreamcatcher enchantment. All adventurers will eventually grow tired and need to sleep after a time, the exception being those adventurers who have reached or surpassed level eighty, at which point both sleeping and eating become superfluous.

Putting an enemy to sleep is also a battle tactic for savvy adventurers. This may be done a variety of ways: by inflicting the venom delphinium or by use of the hourglass tattoo. For this reason, some adventurers voluntarily suffer from insomnia, a condition that will also prevent sleep. To wake up quickly, one may either ingest the kola nut or use the ability metawake.

Dreams are a common experience for all sleeping adventurers, a gift of the Goddess Valnurana.