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Leader None
Patron Pentharian, God of Valour
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Kothlun
City Shallam
Classes Permitted Monk and Blademaster
House Tutor Brachus
Heraldric Arms Gules, a rose Argent within a tressure Or
Icon The Ivory Rose (Destroyed)

The Sentaari strongly believe in Light and Goodness and strive for the ideals of Benevolence, Wisdom, and Perseverance.

The Sentaari guild became a House in 394 AF.


The Sentaari Guild was founded in ancient times, before the rise of the Seleucarian Empire, as an order of monks. Their original home, the Sentaari Monastery, was built on Judgment Mountain before it was moved to the source of the Zaphar River. The Sentaari remained there until 218 AF, at which point they allied with the city of Shallam against the Kharon Empire and moved within its walls for mutual protection. The modern guild was founded by Kothlun, a first-generation Achaean adventurer born Valnuary 5, 156 AF.

Political History


172 AF - Lord Phaestus became the first Patron of the Sentaari.
??? AF - ??? replaced ???.
??? AF - Lord Pentharian replaced ???.

Leadership - Guildmasters

172 AF - Founder: Kothlun.
193 AF - Changcoix replaced Kothlun as Guildmaster.
203 AF - Laergon replaced Changcoix as Guildmaster.
208 AF - Elsdragon replaced Laergon as Guildmaster.
231 AF - Mical replaced Elsdragon as Guildmaster.
233 AF - Likon replaced Mical as Guildmaster.
240 AF - Mical replaced Likon as Guildmaster.
251 AF - Crius replaced Mical as Guildmaster.
270 AF - Zaridel replaced Crius as Guildmaster.
272 AF - Likon replaced Zaridel as Guildmaster.
277 AF - Derk replaced Likon as Guildmaster.
290 AF - Sinafey replaced Derk as Guildmaster.
302 AF - Rikta replaced Sinafey as Guildmaster.
303 AF - Anorien replaced Rikta as Guildmaster.
315 AF - Tamriel replaced Anorien as Guildmaster.
326 AF - Arygath replaced Tamriel as Guildmaster.
332 AF - Meihua replaced Arygath as Guildmaster.
357 AF - Kotori replaced Meihua as Guildmaster.
383 AF - Cenadrak replaced Kotori as Guildmaster.
389 AF - Laorir replaced Cenadrak as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Grandmasters/Grandmistresses of Flowers

397 AF - First Grandmaster of Flowers: Laorir.
409 AF - Anaidiana replaced Laorir as the Grandmaster of Flowers, becoming the Grandmistress of Flowers in turn.
459 AF - Najara replaced Anaidiana as the Grandmistress of Flowers.
493 AF - Ninus replaced Najara as the Grandmistress of Flowers, becoming the Grandmaster of Flowers in turn.
519 AF - Elene replaced Ninus as the Grandmaster of Flowers, becoming the Grandmistress of Flowers in turn.
525 AF - Rystal replaced Elene as the Grandmistress of Flowers, becoming the Grandmaster of Flowers in turn.
540 AF - Ikue replaced Rystal as the Grandmaster of Flowers.
563 AF - Gondus replaced Ikue as the Grandmaster of Flowers.
570 AF - Ashden replaced Gondus as the Grandmaster of Flowers.
??? AF - Lys replaced Ashden as the last Grandmistress of Flowers.

Icon History

??? AF - The Ivory Rose was raised.
??? AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.


The House tutor, Brachus, exists within the secluded monastery of the Sentaari.