Ringing the Changes

By: Peladoris Posted on: September 21, 2005

Ringing the Changes

The Cerulean Spire watches over Cyrene.
Those who there reside
Also watch their mountain home:
Ward her with great pride.

Prospero, Lord of Wealth, and current
Patron of Cyrene
Bestows his great benevolence with
A wit that's ever keen.

Blu, beloved dragon, raised
On Cyrene's herbal stock,
Now guards her fully fiercely as
A shepard does his flock.

The Vashnars, like no city walls
Built by human hands,
Protect Cyrene, encircling her.
These are cherished lands.

From Centre Crossing one can go
In, north, south, east, or west.
Cyrene, too, is at a crossroads and
Must choose which way is best.

Security must be preserved;
We must maintain respect.
This compass will alone not show us
Which path is correct.

The age of Aeryi has now passed,
And history will tell
Both those who loved and hated her
She served her city well.

A new age, a new century,
New leadership, old goals.
Listen to the future as
Cyrene's clock tower tolls.