Pytheos, the Architect, is an elderly Triton who is distinguished both undersea and in the overworld for his brilliant architectural work. Having been summoned by Neraeos to Sapience and away from his home in the Eastern Ocean, Pytheos's creations include the Temple of Fluvialis, commissioned by Hashan during Neraeos's time as Patron, and several breathtaking extensions of the Temple of the Sea. More recently, he assisted Captain Maelstrom in Tasur'ke village to build the first port in Sapience, complete with pier, shipyard, and harbour, from which adventurers and organisations may commission the construction of ships.

He has since moved on to other projects, going wherever the Oceanlord sends him and directing construction there as needed. Despite his busy schedule, he takes time to trek across Sapience to visit his adoring fans, often showing his appreciation for their keen eye and devotion through love taps and humility.

In the year 506AF, he was spotted in Cyrene, conversing with the Duke Phormio Ruminic at the docks near the marina.