Post office

The post office is responsible for the delivery of letters and parcels. Most cities have a post office available for adventurers to use.

Once in a post office, an adventurer can request a letter. The letter may only be written upon and mailed once. In addition to literary messages, one may choose to place a few items into the letter to be mailed to the recipient as well. In most post offices, when the letter is ready to be mailed, the post office attendant will take the letter and attach it to the leg of a dove. The dove will then fly about the skies until the recipient is located when, on cue, it will deposit the letter into the hands of its target.

Some post offices do not use doves, and thus, the method of delivery may also act as a post stamp of sorts. Letters mailed from the city of Shallam were delivered by colourful paradise birds; cross little gremlins transport letters sent from Mhaldor; mail originating from Hashan is carried by resplendent lunalia; mail sent from Ashtan is couriered by crow; and letters sent from Eleusis are delivered by woodland kestrels.

City Post Offices

Other Post Offices

  • Delos: The Postal Office of Delos