Planetarium of the Crown

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The Planetarium of the Crown is a domed structure that was designed as a gift to Hashan by Tavarius, a former citizen of the city, and played a pivotal role in the events preceding the Eternal Night.

Tavarius' project was given initial approval by the city's leadership; however, the location of the building site was chosen and construction commenced without further notification to the council. The subsequent destruction of a portion of Hashan's northern wall and the elusive demeanour of Tavarius became a point of contention within the city.

For many years following the events of the Eternal Night, the Gaear Street landmark was closed to the public; would-be visitors had to sneak in through a make-shift tunnel that began in the Northern Ithmia. In the year 580 AF, the city officially re-opened the planetarium and boarded up the secret entrance.

Within the planetarium, several exhibits are housed, including an orrery, a telescope, and an overhead galaxy; upon a platform at the top of the planetarium's tower rests the Disc of the Nocturne.