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Pervasion is a skillset available to Elemental Lords of Water.

Abilities in Pervasion

Ability Description
Coalesce Upon the Elemental Plane of Water.
Works on/against: Self

You may cross great distances, traversing the very planes themselves to materialise upon the Elemental Plane of Water.

Such an act takes great focus, requiring that you do nothing for several seconds while focussing on the process.

Cohesion A basic manipulation of the self.
Works on/against: Self

Alter the cohesion of your form, making yourself more resistant to attacks that your foes would dare make against your personage.

Blade A basic manipulation of water.
Syntax: MANIFEST BLADE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers and denizens

Conjure forth a blade of ice to slash at your foe. If they are protected by a magical shield, the shield will be destroyed; if they are not, they will take damage.

Saturation From water to water.
Works on/against: Room

Summon forth the waters to flood your location.

Bloodshift Consistency and composition are so very malleable.
Syntax: MANIFEST BLOODSHIFT <target> <venom>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Alter the composition of a target's very blood(1), transforming it into a deadly venom of your choice(2).

1. You may not alter the composition of a fellow Elemental Lord of Water.

2. Some venoms are not derivable through this method: notably, if it cannot be envenomed upon a blade, it is beyond your reach.

Quench Flames are such a trivial inconvenience.
Works on/against: Room

Extinguish a firewall that would bar your path.

Purify Replace the old with the new.
Syntax: PURIFY
Works on/against: Self

Cleanse your form of impurities, curing an affliction. If you stand within water when enacting this ability, a second affliction will be cured after some time.

You must be standing in water at the time when the second affliction would be cured as well as upon initiation.

Perspire They are right to fear your contempt.
Syntax: MANIFEST PERSPIRE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Force your foe to begin sweating (slickness).

Roil Such simple creatures are the unblessed.
Syntax: MANIFEST ROIL <target>
Extra Information: Flux effect: If asthma and weariness are present, gives anorexia.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Violently roil the fluid within the stomach of your enemy, making them nauseous. If they are already nauseous, continued use of this ability shall cause them to be unable to focus(*).

  • Knocks off focus balance. If the target is already off of focus balance, said balance is extended.
Lifestream To drive out imperfections.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Call forth a cleansing stream of water to restore yourself or another (heals some health).

Thin Their blood shall turn the waters red.
Syntax: MANIFEST THIN <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Thin your enemy's blood, making it flow more freely(1). If their blood is already thinned, blood shall begin to flow from their pores instead(2).

1. Gives haemophilia.

2. Gives 200 bleeding.

Drench Soak them to the bone.
Syntax: MANIFEST DRENCH <target>
Extra Information: Flux effect: If your foe suffers from asthma, slickness, and anorexia, tendrils of your summoned water will slither into their mouth and nose, robbing them of focus.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Drench your foe with water, soaking him with icy water that will leech away his will to act(*).

  • Gives weariness. If the target is already weary, they will become dazed by the cold, receiving confusion.
Choke Fill their lungs with water.
Syntax: MANIFEST CHOKE <target>
Extra Information: Flux effect: If nausea and weariness are present, also gives paralysis.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Fill the lungs of your target with water, causing them to be unable to breathe(*).

  • Gives asthma. If cast on someone already suffering asthma, they'll become so deprived of oxygen that they will begin to hallucinate
Downpour A deluge to make them kneel.
Syntax: MANIFEST DOWNPOUR <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Summon forth a deluge of water to batter your foe. If they have the audacity to face you on their feet this downpour shall drive them to the ground. If they are already in their rightful place at your feet the deluge shall freeze them with its chill and deal damage based on how frozen they are afterwards.

Tidalwave Upon raging waters shall you come.
Syntax: MANIFEST TIDALWAVE <direction>
Works on/against: Self

Summon forth a tidal wave, carrying you away in a direction for several rooms. This will carry you over walls, but not through closed doors. Any firewall in the path of your wave shall be immediately snuffed at your passing.

Whirlpool To resist is futile.
Works on/against: Room

Summon forth a whirlpool, dragging in all those in adjacent rooms that are also submerged by water.

You can only initiate this ability in a flooded room.

Flux Your control was never in question.
Syntax: FLUX <target> <task1> <task2>
Works on/against: Adventurers

For one such as you multitasking when it comes to your element is trivial. You may now strike your foe with up to two abilities at a time(*). In addition, the first ability used in this way is more powerful, and may have secondary effects(**).

  • Abilities that can be fluxed are: choke, drench, perspire, thin, roil, parch, wreck, latch, coldfate, torrent, blade, and downpour.
  • See the individual ability files for more specifics on a per ability basis.
Parch Let them thirst for the denied.
Syntax: MANIFEST PARCH <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Pull water from your foe's skin, leaving them parched and lethargic(*).

  • Gives lethargy.
Submerge Water shall reclaim its due.
Works on/against: Room

When in a flooded location, you may send your power outwards, flooding all adjacent rooms as well.

Rise A battlefield fit for you.
Works on/against: Room

If a location is flooded, you may cause the water level to rapidly rise, making it far easier for you to enact a final end for your foes(*).

Wreck They shall break upon the rocks.
Syntax: MANIFEST WRECK <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Summon forth a vortex of water to dash a foe against the ground. They must be prone or paralysed for this to be possible, otherwise they shall evade the water's clutches.

A target that is struck with this ability shall receive stupidity and recklessness. If they have either affliction prior to this, they shall also take damage(*).

  • the damage is significantly reduced if the target is not both prone and paralysed.
Coldfate Breath is fleeting
Syntax: MANIFEST COLDFATE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Curse your foe with a cold fate, denying them the gift of breathing while underwater. Not even the natural ability of a grook or the power of your fellow Lords shall allow them to avoid this punishment.

This fate will last a time before fading naturally.

Torrent A bone-crushing stream.
Syntax: MANIFEST TORRENT <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Send a concentrated torrent of water at a supine target(*), freezing them to the bone. If your target is also too weak to defend against the attack(**), this attack will also break both of their arms.

  • Requires the target be prone.
  • If the target has weariness.
Bloodbend They shall dance on crimson strings.
Syntax: MANIFEST BLOODBEND <target> TO <command>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Reach out to the vital fluids that flow through anyone that stands within your immediate area, commanding them to act(*). In order to carry this out, they must be bleeding sufficiently for you to take advantage of their vulnerability(**).

  • This does not work against fellow Elemental Lords of Water.
  • They must be bleeding for 250 health or more.
Resurgence Your power is absolute.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Destroy the profane bonds that would seek to part your waters, resubmerging your current and any adjacent rooms that labour under this outrage.

Drown Consign them to the deep.
Syntax: DROWN <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Providing you are underwater or in a location with a raised water level(*) with your target and they lack the ability to breathe under said water, you may begin the process of drowning them. This takes all of your concentration and will fail if they become able to breathe water during the focusing period. Additionally, the process will be faster if the target is asthmatic or nauseous(**) at the time of beginning the drown attempt.

  • If the target has both, it will be faster still
Tsunami A wave to dwarf all others.
Works on/against: Adventurers and room

Summon forth a titanic tsunami in a direction. The wave shall manifest and sweep all in its path back towards you.

Latch Exert your will upon their inferior form.
Syntax: MANIFEST LATCH <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Exert your will upon the vital fluids that course through the inferior form of your foe. Based on your preparation, this act has various effects.

For each of: addiction, haemophilia, nausea, lethargy, and severe bleeding(*) up to a total of four, the effects are as follows:

2: You shall bind your foe with watery tentacles, hindering their chances to flee from you.

3: If your foe's blood is running from open wounds, double the amount of bleeding they are currently suffering from(**). If they are not bleeding, gives a moderate amount of bleeding.

4: When this is successful it will knock your target off of elixir balance; it will fade next time they successfully sip a health elixir.

While in this state they will be ready for your ultimate contempt(***).

  • This requires 200 bleeding or more. All afflictions must be given by you and one of your four requirements must be the bleeding for the strongest form of this ability.
  • There is a cap on the amount of bleeding this will give.
  • See PERVASION DESICCATE for details.
Desiccate Wash the land with their vital fluids
Syntax: DESICCATE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers and room

Once you have latched your foe(*), you may tear every drop of water from their body in a display of the might of Sllshya, a warning to all who would dare oppose you.

  • See PERVASION LATCH for details.
Hydra The beast of Sllshya
Works on/against: Adventurers and self

For when the situation is truly dire, you may be granted one of the beasts of Sllshya temporarily. These formidable beasts of legend are entirely uncontrollable even for one such as you, only giving their loyalty to he who rules over water. Once summoned, the hydra shall rampage, performing various room wide attacks periodically and wandering between bodies of water. Be warned, though the hydra will acknowledge you are also one of Sllshya's chosen and will not target you, your allies will be granted no such consideration(*).

Finally, take note: the act of manifesting the hydra is terribly taxing, and you will be left on the brink of death upon calling one forth. You will also only be able to summon a hydra once every 30 minutes(**), and the hydra shall naturally depart from the prime plane after a time.

  • Unless they are also water lords, as the hydra will not target these.
  • Can only be called forth in a room that is underwater, or has had its water level raised. The cooldown is not applied if you enact this ability upon the Elemental Plane of Water.