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Named Accursed by the eminent Hatun of Ghezavat, the Lost Settlement, the powers of the Pariah were unleashed upon the world in the year 850 by the actions of an unwitting yet opportunistic thief. Most Pariahs begin life as simple Magi, yet all scholars can attest that oft-times the thirst for knowledge exceeds the calibre of one's moral fibre to pursue.

The Pariah suffers no such ethical quandaries in the lifelong - or indeed, deathlong - quest for power.

Having cast off compunction and chosen to eschew the everyday legerdemain of court wizards and scholarly mages, the Pariah instead delves into those arts considered too profane or taboo for high society. Only in the solitude of their hallowed crypt can the true mysteries of magic be revealed, the deepest secrets of the sand unveiled. The grave is their domain, the revolting and reviled their companion.

Swarm and sickness follow the Pariah wheresoever they may walk, the art of Pestilence simultaneously a living, chittering nightmare and a blight upon the houses.

Blood is their ink and air is their canvas, invoking the Memorium symbols of ancient desert tribes as a deadly line in the sand. Society may shun the Pariah, but too shall they fear his fell logographs.

Yet it is Charnel where the deepest depths of their sickening sorcery lie. From the heart of their remote crypts, guarded by gravel and golem, do they pore over the sacred tablets of Ghezavat and begin to master the end.

A fledgling Pariah possesses the skills of Memorium and Pestilence, gaining Charnel upon embracing class.

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