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Pandemonium, God of Strife
Realm Strife
Symbols black spotted leopard
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples Temple of Strife in the Nuskuwe Caverns

Pandemonium, God of Strife was the Lord of meddling, antagonising and trickery. He rejoiced in turning men against their kin, fracturing allegiances, and bringing civilisations to disorder, war, and ruin. His actions to spread havoc and discord through the world and beyond were both overt and insidious; cloak and dagger alike were tools of the Smiling God.


Pandemonium was the son of Eris, Goddess of Chaos, and Aegis, God of War. His twin sister was Pandora, Goddess of Mischief. They were created within the massive Eileithyian Tree, a willow that originally grew in the Golden Dais of Creation but had been moved to the Temple of War prior to its dissipation following Pandemonium's revival.

Circa 326 AF, Sartan kidnapped Pandemonium, binding Him in a fissure beneath Mhaldor and beginning the War of the Divine Child. Adventurers from several cities joined forces to attempt a rescue.

For 139 years Pandemonium remained in slumber, cradled within the Eileithyian Tree, where He was healed of the wounds He received during the War. In 465 AF and lasting for nearly an Achaean year, strange dreams began to haunt the sleep of Achaeans, sometimes crossing the threshold between dream and reality and manifesting in life. The phenomena intensified until early in the year of 466 AF, adventurers began dreaming of a child cradled in the boughs of a tree. Realising this as a representation of the child-god Pandemonium and surmising that it was His dreaming causing the chaotic ripples in the Dreamworld, mortals were able to bring him out of his deep sleep. Finally, on the 6th of Miraman, 466 AF, Pandemonium became sufficiently healed and emerged from His arboreal shelter, taking His place among the Garden and vowing revenge upon Indrani for sapping His essence to achieve Divinity.

It was in 611 that Pandemonium did claim His vengeance, in the Divine war of the Garden against Bal'met and the alliance of Evil. Dodging the eight spinning blades of Indrani, He lopped off Her head before the undead dragon Sycaerunax entered the fray. Ducking to dodge the dragon's claws distracted the God long enough for Keresis to brutally disembowel Him, ending His short existence on Achaea.

Divine Symbols

Pandemonium took the black spotted leopard as His Divine symbol.