The City of Nur
Leader None
Founder ancient Aldar
Discoverer Ygia al-Mu'allima
Enemies Celestia

The depths of Origin. Towering spires of supernal majesty. The light of unrivalled stars upon cosmic eventides. All this and more lies waiting in Nur, the City Forever, lost home of the Aldar.


Built by the Firstborn of the Gods in a time long since lost to memory for all but the Eldest Divinities, the seven rings of the Cosmic Cycle rotate endlessly about the blazing empyreal currents of Saar-elan, silhouetted by the magnificence of Starfall and the River Eternity. Abandoned in the years following the Chaos Wars and the departure of the Aldar to a distant plane, nevermore to be troubled by mortal or God under Logosian Decree, Nur was left to its own devices, eternally awaiting the return of absent masters. Led inside its gates shortly after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, for centuries did the angelic cohort of Zafikel experiment within Nur, profaning its ancient strictures in their attempts to turn Saar-elan to their own purposes. When events transpired to conjure the fall of the archangel Yareve through the eaves of Yggdrasil in the year 788 AF, the resultant Unmaking permitted adventurers to at last penetrate its sacred boundaries, witnessing for themselves the wonders lost with the departure of the Eldest Race.


Seventh Circle

Access to the well of Saar-elan makes up the primary focus of the narrow seventh circle of Nur.

Sixth Circle

The sixth circle of Nur is made up of small sanctuaries built by the Aldar, all shrines dedicated to the Elder Gods. Worship of Ayar took place at the centre of the circle, at its very pinnacle.

Fifth Circle

The fifth circle, a tier of tallow-hued plazas and massive statuary, features the Aldar forge and the Caylean Theatre, a chequerboard library of rune-marked tablets that is named for Caymus. The crystalline Mayan Theatre, mechanistic Achian Orrery, and vibrant Gardens of Enheduanna also overlook this ring.

Third Circle

The Gates of Life guard the secrets of the Aldar on this circle, impenetrable to invasion although the presence of an outlander research station just outside proves attempts at doing just so. Lush, tree-lined paths wend their way near Aldar homes as well on this level.

Second Circle

Swathes of verdant floral life expand along the second circle, primeval woodland punctuated with hidden coppices and gathering places of Aldar grovers.

Other Circles

The lower tiers of Nur appear to be the first discovered by angelkind; Renegade Celestian outposts and watchtowers bristle with angelic reinforcements near the former abodes of famous Aldar whilst towering obelisks and streaming pillars of energy dominate the pristine tile-faced landscape with inscrutable purpose.


The rings of Nur are home to many automons, servitors which ceaselessly maintain the abandoned realm created by their masters. The renegades of Celestia are a relatively recent arrival to the city. Though the Dragonmaster Han-Tolneth refused their claim to the eternal city, he gave leave for the Celestian faction to remain within its bounds. Inhabitants include:

Flora and Fauna

The very air of Nur is infused with the floral scents and spices. Flowers of every hue are found amongst the circles, particularly the former gardens of Enheduanna, whilst everywhere are great silvery choreal trees, their purple trefoil leaves casting shade over the wide avenues. Non-native species can be found skittering in the lawns, including celestial spiders and silver caterpillars and ethereal butterflies.