Mystical cards

This page is about the artefact legend deck cards. For other uses, please see cards (disambiguation).

The mystical cards of Achaean legend, sometimes called Articards, bestow a variety of powers upon their users, from melting icewalls to interplanar travel. When first acquired they appear in decorated sleeves. Unwrapping the first sleeve gives an empty deck—the cards' receptacle—along with a random card. On their own, empty decks can be purchased with mementoes from Tinker Drucker in Petra.


Lists the cards you have in your deck
Displays a card description
Lists the cards you have in your deck(s)
LEGENDDECK DRAW <card> [target]
Activates a card
Adds a card to your deck
Removes a card from your deck


Card Power Charges Regen Collection Suit
Agith'tai Chance to reflect focus afflictions back onto an attacker for 30s. 3 2/hr Nemesis Tsol'teth
Agith'maal Teleports to before the ruins of Seleucar from anywhere on plane 2 1/hr Nemesis Tsol'teth
Ama-maalier Make yourself immovable for 10s. 3 1/hr Nemesis Tsol'teth
Parni Gives hatred affliction to target for 20s 3 1/hr Nemesis Tsol'teth
Severian Gives the steelmind defence to all in your location, blocking the next forced command. 5 1/hr Salvation Seleucarian
Lucaine Gives you trueblindness for 20s as well as significant bleeding. 3 1/hr Salvation Seleucarian
Catarin Restores health of everyone in your location 5 1/hr Salvation Seleucarian
Nicator Grants 30% xp boost to all groups led by you. Lasts 30 minutes. 5 1/hr Salvation Seleucarian
Yudhishthira Melt an icewall in any direction. 1 second balance. 4 1/hr Salvation Saviours
Matic Your next attack is guaranteed to be a high end critical hit. 3 1/hr Salvation Saviours
Ashaxei Travel to a mutual ally on any plane. Blocked by monolith sigil on either end. 1 1/8hr Salvation Saviours
Sycaerunax Grants 10s temporary reprieve from death with full restoration when Dragonformed then embrace. 3 1/hr Salvation Saviours
Slith Stun all souls in the room for 15s. 3 1/hr Nemesis Betrayed and Betrayers
Pazuzu Summons blood rain, blocking magical travel into a location for 1 minute. 3 1/hr Nemesis Betrayed and Betrayers
Enheduanna Destroys a corpse, dealing massive mana damage to the soul who owns it. 5 1/hr Nemesis Betrayed and Betrayers
Ugrach Determine roughly where someone who has embraced death is in the death sequence. Infinite n/a Nemesis Betrayed and Betrayers
Lordan Colse 20 minute bonus to plunder (and resistance to plunder from enemy pirates) for vessel it is drawn upon. 3 1/hr Nemesis Islanders
Yuthka Turns owner into a meteor arrow, sending them flying then striking down a target in the local area. 4 1/hr Nemesis Islanders
Arsentar Draw this card for an unfortunate soul, if that person dies within 12s, you get a large health boost. 2 1/hr Nemesis Islanders
Trixy With this card wager gold on red or black. Wagering red transports you to the roulette table on Mysia, whilst black transports to the New Theran table. 3 1/hr Nemesis Islanders
Vellis Knock adventurers from trees or from flying elevation 4 1/hr Historical Ancients
Black Boar Give yourself and everyone following you level 3 health regeneration for 3 to 5 minutes 3 1/2hr Historical Ancients
Seasone Choosing Elixir or Poison boosts health elixir effectiveness for owner by ten percent or gives everyone in the room two hits of Loki 3 1/hr Historical Ancients
Rurin Instantly restocks a denizen shop (not their personal wares or Itinerant Bazaar) to maximum capacity. 1 1/2hr Historical Ancients
Haidion Locks target celerity to match yours for 2-5 minutes. No matter how fast you move, that person also moves at the same speed. 3 1/hr Historical Originals
Maran Erects room-wide partial damage absorption barrier for everyone. Barrier has 5000 health and blocks 25% of all damage dealt in the room for 1 minute or until destroyed. 1 1/hr Historical Originals
Covenant Inflict a special battlerage attack against a target, delivering the charmed status half of the time and the reckless status the other half. 3 1/hr Historical Originals
Aringar Strips the magical shield from a line of sight target 4 1/hr Historical Originals
Maklak Summon an icewall in line of sight 4 1/hr Renowned Impudent
Xylthus Bind a denizen in a similar manner to a battlerage stun. 3 1/hr Renowned Impudent
Morimbuul Shrug off denizen ropes or bindings for five minutes. 3 1/hr Renowned Impudent
Zh'risia Draw this card and all present will be set ablaze. 3 1/hr Renowned Impudent
Murad Use your name as a forging descriptor! 1 1/hr Renowned Aesthetes
Bakios Drawing this card will confer a random flask effect upon the user. 3 1/hr Renowned Aesthetes
Maim Create a miniature sculpture of another adventurer then break it to travel to them. Blocked by monolith sigil. 1 1/hr Renowned Aesthetes
Reinhold Draw this card to produce a random food item from the NDS cooking list. 4 1/hr Renowned Aesthetes
Horald A chance to reduce the next ship weapon fire balance by 20%. Fades after three successful firing reductions. 3 1/hr Renowned Intrepid
Icosse Draw this card to gain a reflection. 3 1/hr Renowned Intrepid
Aran'Kesh Summons a vulture's nest, able to hold up to 10 unique items, making them perfectly safe. Nest never decays. 3 1/hr Renowned Intrepid
Vulkuz Place a random trap in the location to trap personal enemies. It will be clothesline, horseshoe, or noose. It cannot be dismantled. 2 1/hr Renowned Intrepid
Rudolpho Afflicts a stuttering effect on the current location for one minute. 2 1/hr Love(less) Lovers
Camilla All mutual allies present immediately follow 4 1/hr Love(less) Lovers
Anna Make current room private for one minute. 1 1/5hrs Love(less) Lovers
Travian Creats mutual lust status with target. 3 1/hr Love(less) Lovers
Maya Causes the next inked tattoo to be instantaneous. 3 1/hr Love(less) Estranged
Belladona Requests the return of any unreceived letter previously sent. 2 1/hr Love(less) Estranged
Zsarachnor Forces its target to enemy someone for thirty seconds. 2 1/2hrs Love(less) Estranged
Horror Causes target to be unable to speak your name, telepathically for half a day, aloud for a month. 1 1/30hrs Love(less) Estranged
Patches Inflict 30 seconds of no water walking of any form. 2 1/hr Historical Animals
Scorn List everyone in area, similar to fullsense. 8 1/hr Historical Animals
Grimlath Gives pacing defense for two minutes. 5 1/hr Historical Animals
Chenubis Teleport to Peak of Mount Nicator 2 1/hr Historical Animals
Jovan Shows all Infamous people in realms and their level of infamy. 5 1/hr Love(less) Scrappers
Elma Resets cooldown on scrapper treat feeding 1 24/hr Love(less) Scrappers
Wavel Passively tracks someone every 8 seconds for 72 seconds 4 1/hr Love(less) Scrappers
Yozhik Creates a thornwall in a direction. 3 1/hr Love(less) Scrappers
Sir Caerid Draw card at an ally to gain numbness defense. After which you take standard numbness damage and ally takes double. 1 1/hr Salvation Knights
Sir Temelin Sense where everyone who is currently burrowed on your current continent. 3 1/hr Salvation Knights
Sir Kemnast Destroy an adventurer corpse to regain 30% health and mana. 5 1/hr Salvation Knights
Sir Davis Kephry Draw at a mutual ally to come to their defense similar to the DEFEND ability from the Chivalry skill. 3 1/hr Salvation Knights
Clio Creates map of the forests of Sapience. Touch a forest spirit's name to transport to that forest. 2 1/hr Forests Spiritsoul
Erato Cast someone into the trees if trees are present. 3 1/hr Forests Spiritsoul
Eupheme Pacifies all non-boss animal denizens in the location. 3 1/hr Forests Spiritsoul
Calliope Bestows sloth metamorphosis on user, ability to REST for maximum endurance recovery 3 1/2hrs Forests Spiritsoul
urania Blanket an area in fog for 4 minutes. 1 1/2hrs Forests Spiritheart
Polyhymnia Forces every adventurer in clouds area to move in random direction. Blocked by anything that blocks beckon. 2 1/hr Forests Spiritheart
Euterpe Unburrows everyone in the room or adjacent rooms. 3 1/hr Forests Spiritheart
Terpischore Invoke fear in all mounts in a location. 3 1/hr Forests Spiritheart
Hippo Throw an adventurer in the room in a specified direction. Blocked by anything that would stop beckon. 2 1/hr Hunters Hunterblood
Leopard Freeze ground in an adjacent location 3 1/hr Hunters Hunterblood
Eagle 10% electric resistance when flying for 1 minute. 3 1/hr Hunters Hunterblood
Centaur Pull a specified person from the air with chance to give them balance knock, short stun, or entanglement. 3 1/hr Hunters Hunterblood
Bear Sense everyone who stinks, even if on a different plane (doesn't count if they are in beds). 5 1/hr Hunters Huntersoul
Scorpion Raise firewalls in rooms in line-of-sight up to three rooms away. 2 1/hr Hunters Huntersoul
Alligator Reduce effect of river currents for 1 minute. 3 1/hr Hunters Huntersoul
Wolf For 40 seconds, striking someone's parry passively cures an affliction. 30 second cooldown. 1 1/2hrs Hunters Huntersoul

When a suit is completed, the owner is awarded a fifth card, a joker. Every suit has a joker with a different legend, but each can restore one charge to one card in its suit (if not at max).

Joker Charge Regen Collection Suit
Ithin'urai 1 1/12 hours Nemesis Tsol'teth
Alcibiades 1 1/24 hours Salvation Saviours
Han-Silnar 1 1/12 hours Nemesis Betrayers and Betrayed
Mycale 1 1/24 hours Salvation Seleucarian
Vultubus 1 1/12 hours Nemesis Islanders
Sheep 1 1/24 hours Historical Ancients
Harlequin 1 1/24 hours Historical Originals
Hycanthus 1 1/12 hours Renowned Impudent
Makesh 1 1/12 hours Renowned Aesthetes
Boulder 1 1/12 hours Renowned Intrepid
Maros 1 1/12 hours Love(less) Lovers
Sallust 1 1/12 hours Love(less) Estranged
Penelope 1 1/12 hours Historical Animals
Sir Odysseus Rani 1 1/12 hours Salvation Knights
Thalia 1 1/hr Forests Spiritsoul
Melpomene 1 1/hr Forests Spiritheart
Eel 1 1/hr Hunters Hunterblood
Jarbo 1 1/hr Hunters Huntersoul