Mount Gheladan

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Mount Ghedalan is one of three fanciful areas for newbies only, the others being the land of Minia and the valley of Lodi. It was unveiled on the 22nd of Phaestian, 472 AF.

Gheladan is home to many friends and foes for a new adventurer to meet, greet, and, if desired, slay. There are many small quests that can be done around Gheladan for those wishing for a mental challenge.


Having been isolated from the outside world for some time, Mount Gheladan remains as a largely untouched mountain that possesses a network of tubes and tunnels which burrow into the rock.


Newbies within this area are protected by Lasuna, a copper lesser dragon. She will eject any adventurer from this area who is over level twenty-one, is sufficiently Infamous (regardless of level), or has embraced his or her class. Additionally, Lasuna will deliver young adventurers to Minia and the valley of Lodi, the other areas that exist for newbies only.


  • Lasuna, Guardian of Mount Gheladan
  • Eny, a timid Murinae
  • Ferrua, a Murinae gatherer
  • Narl, a Murinae scavenger
  • Raktai, the Murinae Chieftain


Iruia, the Nilari baker, provides a few food items for hungry newbies in need of a meal.