Mnemosyne (Bardic)

By: Peladoris Posted on: June 27, 2005


The river Mnemosyne once ran--
We have forgotten where,
But ere she reached the sea she came
To Seleucar, the Fair.

For countless years she ran her course
Before upon her banks
Was built the city that would win
The world's eternal thanks.

Through Nicator's inspired reign
And all his victories
As he united Sapience
Her voice gave his heart ease.

And through the reign of Piraeus,
When there was want and lack,
She fed the grain that nourished those
Who beat the Black Wave back.

This the river burned with fire
In the civil war
Just ere Catarin retrieved
The Staff of Nicator!

This the river washed away
The blood of civil strife,
Saw lovers stroll in Heroes' Park,
Gave Seleucar life!

This the river inspired song!
Who has seen her flow
Since the day Seleucar fell
Four hundred years ago?

Mnemosyne, have you still voice
Kastalia can hear,
Now that a Divine has come
Who holds all rivers dear?

Mnemosyne, do you still wend,
A trickle somewhere dry?
Or hidden current where all seems
A swamp to mortal eye?

Or Mnemosyne, are you now but
A river's memory,
Gone, as heroes long ago
Whom we shall never see?

If Seleucar's site must stay
Hidden from our ken
For all time, by law Divine,
Might we still not then

Learn the course her river takes,
If she somewhere flows,
Or, if not, then learn her fate?
I ask of one who knows:

Great Kastalia, hear my prayer
And guide those who explore,
That in my lifetime we may know
The Mnemosyne once more!