A time of rare stellar convergence in the realm when the coiled serpent constellation is most prominent, Mayaween is the brief Achaean time period occuring approximately every thirty Achaean years. For a few months the barrier between the spirit world and that of the Prime Material Plane grows thinner. It is a celebrated holiday to some adventurers; a time of ghoulish tricks and trepidation for others. Although commemorated in various ways, the merchant Merentesh of Delos routinely stocks Mayaween costumes and various treats during this ethereal intersection with our corporeal plane, particularly in his Festivities Annex, opened in the year 463 AF.

It is also rumoured that a hidden path to the Griesly family manor, once a majestic estate near Thera, clears itself for wanderings during this brief interlude of otherworldly interventions. What lies within its haunted halls is unknown and whispered to be ever-changing. Occasionally, the Grim Fayre, the Mayaween carnival, sets up near the Crystal Leaf Inn, preparing rounds of challenges and prizes for daresome adventurers.

Mayaween was originally known as Logosween. The name was changed when the mantle of Creation was passed from Sarapis to Maya.