Lhitsu Forest

The Lhitsu Sharn
Leader Captain Siosou
Discoverer unknown
Enemies the treemites of the Stone Forest

Buried within the depths of the Drauger is the Lhitsu Forest, sheltering all manner of flora and fauna beneath its viridescent canopy. Perched atop great platforms running the length and beyond of the thick baobab trees, however, is the hidden village of the sharn. Insular and simplistic in their outlook, these skilled hunters are continually at war with a great infestation that infringes upon their home.


The Lhitsu Forest was discovered by Achaean adventurers in 758 AF, when interplanar pathways through Yggdrasil became open after the escape of Pazuzu from the Prime Material Plane.



The Lhitsu Forest is inhabited by the sharn, including the following named denizens:

Flora and Fauna

Lhitsu is an ancient mixed forest with tall grasses and colossal trees - an interlaced canopy of sentinels ranging from maple, willow, oak, and beech to towering conifers. Dotted with lily pads, a reed-flanked stream bubbles along the forest's eastern edge, home to trout. Birdsong and the sounds of life rise and fall in tune with the natural harmony of the environs in stark contrast to the gradual petrification of its southern portion, the Stone Forest. The wooded land survives under the light of the sun Tharan and a pair of moons, Arde and Iloh, as well as a band from a shattered satellite.