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Leopards are great felines native to forestal and montane regions. Similar to jaguars, leopards possess short limbs, long bodies, and large heads. They are most known for their dense rosette-speckled golden fur. Leopards are excellent climbers and strong swimmers, adaptable to many environments.

Black spotted leopards

The sacred symbol of Pandemonium, the former god of Strife.

Clouded leopard

Smaller wild cats native to the Meropian foothills and Atrousian Jungles, the fur of clouded leopards is of a dark grey or ochrous ground-color often largely obliterated by black and dark dusky-grey cloudform patterns which gives them their name.

Ice-fanged snow leopard

The fury of winter is known in the bite of the snow leopards of the Lupine Hunting Grounds.

Snow leopards

Bearing short muzzles, large paws, and long thick fur, snow leopards inhabit alpine and subalpine regions like the Southern Vashnars. Their pale colouring gives them their name, as well as helps blend into snowy regions. They are a creature favoured by Scarlatti and a popular animal in Cyrenian folklore.