Kunapi Island

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Kunapi Island
Leader Chief Parfi, Chief Montu
Religion The Snake Lord
Discoverer unknown

The islands of Kunapi are shrouded in unpleasantness and mystery, far beyond the Drauger tier of Yggdrasil. Inhabited by primitive tribes each with distinctly uncooperative cultures, worship of the snake and the bird is rife throughout this clandestine world. It is said that the tribes once coexisted peacefully, yet the arrival of a powerful Serpentlord set into motion a conflict that would span countless years beyond the ken of mortal minds as the near-destruction of the Kunapi tribe brought about the rise of the Snake God and the vicious, unrelenting zealotry of his servants.




The two islands of Kunapi and Jukuba and their inhabitants are largely divided into two warring tribes, that of the Jukan, and that of the Bakuban. The peaceful Kunapi were murdered years ago by the other two tribes.




Snake Lord


The Kunapi were a culture which worshipped birds. The avian motif is evident in the ruins which make up the sundered village which was their home.

Kunapi legend speaks of a snake god named Khepera who arrived and showed the tribespeople wonders from other worlds. The Jukan and Bakuban destroyed the more civilised Kunapi tribe at his behest and have been warring against one another for his favour ever since.

Flora and Fauna

Snakes everywhere, really. The lush archipelago also enjoys a tropical climate bathed in the warmth of its three suns—Telar, Hara, and Tharan.