The Lost City of Kasmarkin
Leader Senator Schlastan
Religion Prospero
Discoverer Shakti Devi Silverstorm Trismegistus
Enemies Lord Taug

The lost troll capital of Kasmarkin lay sunken beneath the murky depths of the Mannaseh Swamp for centuries, until the Occultists Shakti and Silverstorm succeeded in raising it in the year 298 AF through a complex quest.

Emperor Rakmarkha III, known to history as "the Mad Emperor," was the last troll to lead this empire. It was he who received visions from the "Unborn Goddess" (actually Eris, Goddess of Chaos, travelling through time in Her meditations) on how to further his power by summoning the chaotic demon Taug to this realm.

In modern times, the city of Kasmarkin may still be raised from the depths, but it sinks again after a time, as the magic fades. One entering the city may find the mummified guards and ghosts of the senators still lurking about as the explore locations such as the Library of the Magi, as well as the loyalists-turned-oozes of Lord Taug in his Black Fortress.

On a somewhat less related note, a door leading downwards from the city serves as the entrance to the tomb of Overlord Gruul, leader of the Arcanian mercenaries during the Chaos Wars. It was first opened just prior to the discovery of the Prosperian Bazaar - the temple of Prospero, God of Wealth - and a meeting with Lord Prospero Himself followed shortly thereafter.