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Of the mysterious country of Kashar, little is known. Indeed, the fullest account of of the place was penned by Queen Catarin deSangre I, who heard it from Lucaine Pyramides, a declared native of the land.

Kashar is a land that lies far to the southwest of Sapience, across a violent section of the Sefyric Ocean. It is surrounded by fierce storms, shoals, and mountains that usually hinder travel abroad. Here, the practice of slavery is in place; Pyramides himself was of the slave caste before his daring escape. Slaves are often mistreated young and die in their prime. However, a lucky few manage to live to old age and ascend to the heavens as a sacrifice to the Gods. Nobles often train in the Two Arts, those of the Draw Art and Blade Art, the secret sword styles of Kashar, aspects of which are said to resemble those of Kai disciplines.

The people of the isle of Minos are descendants of the political dissidents who fled Kashar many generations ago.