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Leader Denaye, Lady of Ice
Discoverer Delphinus Windancer

The settlement of Isaia is located deep beneath a glacier on the far northwestern shores of Sapience.


On 13 Sarapin, 413 AF, adventurers were alerted to the sound of cracking ice in the northern polar region of Sapience. They travelled to the far northwestern reaches of the wilderness and came upon Herik Henin who informed them that a shifting ice-shelf off the coast had closed his way home. Under his instruction the adventurers were able to melt the ice, causing a fiery explosion that revealed an exit into the half-submerged city of Isaia.


The village of Isaia lies in the far northern reaches of Sapience. The upper village is contained within a large ice cave and boasts a thriving merchants' district. Beneath the ice in the frigid ocean waters is Lower Isaia, which contains the palace of Queen Denaye, a temple, and several smaller structures.


The Isaians are humanoid in appearance with pale radiant skin and dark hair. Young Isaians, unlike their adult counterparts, have slightly webbed hands and feet. These vestigial structures may suggest that Isaians were once exclusively ocean dwellers.


Flora and Fauna

No plants can be found in this rocky, glacial land but a variety of animals live in the area. Ennelin, a feline native to the area can be found sprinting between locations. Silvery eels swim and moenais pulsate with purple light under the icy waters to the southwest of the city while bat-like zelahias fly above. On the footpath to the northeast of the city, ferocious amoraks dash about, growling.