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Ignition is a skillset available to Elemental Lords of Fire.

Abilities in Ignition

Ability Description
Coalesce Upon the Elemental Plane of Fire.
Works on/against: Self

You may cross great distances, traversing the very planes themselves to materialise upon the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Such an act takes great focus, requiring that you do nothing for several seconds while focussing on the process.

Spark The smallest ember can burn the world.
Works on/against: Self

Every lord of Kkractle's domain possesses a primal spark at the core of their being. This spark is quiescent much of the time; but these lords tend to be swift to anger and swifter to dispense their own brand of justice. When driven to battle the spark shall rage, and as it burns brighter so to shall the elemental lord, and so shall the lord's power grow.

As you carry out hostile attacks against your enemies the spark shall be fanned brighter, though if you go without performing a hostile act for a short while it shall slowly decay.

Flamewhip Scourge their flesh with a lash of flame.
Syntax: IGNITE FLAMEWHIP <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers and denizens

Summon forth a whip of flame with which to scourge the flesh of your foe. This will deal damage and set the target on fire; if they have less than 75% of their maximum health, they will be afflicted with sensitivity. If they have less than 50% of their maximum health or lack the temperance defence, they will be afflicted with both paralysis and sensitivity.

Gauge The briefest glance to divine their end.
Syntax: GAUGE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers and denizens

Gauge your target's vital power with but a glance, discerning how much health they have remaining. This ability does not consume either balance or equilibrium, but has a short time after use during which you may not use it again.

Vapourise A minor application of heat.
Works on/against: Adventurers and denizens

By superheating the air surrounding a target who is protected by a magical shield, you may use said protection as an amplifier for your power, both destroying the shield and afflicting the target with ablaze in the process.

Melt To think mere vapour would bar your path.
Syntax: IGNITE ICEWALL <direction>
Works on/against: Room

With a flick of a finger turn an icewall into steam.

Fireshroud Wreathe yourself in Kkractle's grace.
Works on/against: Adventurers and denizens

Wreathe yourself in Kkractle's fiery grace, granting yourself increased resistance. In addition, your fires shall leap out at any that raise their hand against you and damage them, though this will naturally be ineffective against fellow servants of the Primal Fire.

Slough Impurities shall not be suffered
Works on/against: Self

Slough off impurities that plague you, curing a random affliction from your perfect being.

Blister They shall burn beneath your touch.
Syntax: IGNITE SKIN OF <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Sear the skin of your enemy to such an extent that horrific blisters form. These blisters shall make every movement agony, delaying your foe's movement between rooms and causing them pain on each successful time they escape you(*).

  • There is a cooldown on a person taking damage from successfully moving with blistered, though there is no cooldown on them being delayed on each movement.
Crucible Where only the strong survive.
Works on/against: Room

Providing another lord has not done so already, you may claim a location as your crucible. Though this state of affairs is only temporary, it offers several advantages the able servant of Kkractle may take advantage of. All those that do not walk with the gift of Elemental Fire will have their fire resistance reduced, and any that are afflicted with ablaze will immediately be seared by the flames, no matter how swiftly they may act to douse the fire.

You may only have one crucible at a time, and igniting a new crucible shall immediately destroy your old one.

Wildfire Control is subjective, after all.
Works on/against: Room

Summon up a wildfire to consume the location, raising walls of fire across every one of the exits. The recovery time on this ability is longer the more walls that are created.

Char The briefest touch is all you need.
Syntax: IGNITE CHAR <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

With but the briefest touch you can lay hands upon your target, searing them to the bone and causing their muscles to violently spasm(*).

  • Afflicts with paralysis and clumsiness.
Lasso The skywalkers were always cowards.
Syntax: IGNITE LASSO <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Bring forth a lasso of flame to drag those that would fly overhead down to the ground, causing some damage and setting them ablaze.

Smoulder A painful way to end.
Syntax: IGNITE SMOULDER <target>
Extra Information: At least minor spark.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Set the flesh of your foe to smouldering, beginning their return to ash. This attack deals damage and sets a target ablaze. If the target is already ablaze, the damage will be significantly increased.

If your spark is at major or higher, this ability will decrease your spark by one level, but will also reafflict your target with ablaze a short time after you initially assault them and stun them for a short while.

Comet They cannot outrun the fire.
Syntax: IGNITE COMET <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

When standing near an appropriate source of heat(*), you may rocket across distances, smashing into those that would flee from you(**).

If performed from within your crucible and your foe does not stand within a crucible already, your crucible shall shift with you to the new location.

  • Must be standing within your crucible or have a firewall between you and your target.
  • > The target must be in an adjacent room and will take damage as well as being set ablaze.
Cauterise No pain, no gain.
Syntax: IGNITE WOUNDS <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Sear close the wounds of a person who is bleeding, causing them to take some damage but curing significant amounts of said bleeding.

Torch Burn ever brighter.
Works on/against: Self

Flare your flames, burning ever brighter(*).

  • Gives yourself the ablaze affliction.
Hearth Forged from your crucible.
Works on/against: Adventurers, Room, and self

If you have created a crucible, you may return to it providing you are on the same plane of existence and close enough(*). A monolith on the initiation end will stop the travel, though a monolith in your crucible will not. Additionally, all that stand within your crucible that are not blessed by the Primal Fire(**) shall take minor damage upon your entrance.

  • Must be on the same continent.
  • > Fire Elemental Lords.
Conflagrantweave They must not die quite yet.
Syntax: IGNITE WEAVE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Ignite a burning weave of flame to entangle your foe. Even when freeing themselves from these searing bonds your foes shall find that they will burn beneath the tendrils(*).

  • Afflicts with ablaze.
Brand The mark of Kkractle,
Syntax: IGNITE BRAND UPON <target>
Extra Information: At least moderate spark.
Decreases spark by one level.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Mark your foe with the brand of Kkractle. Once you begin the process there will be a short delay before the mark fully manifests, though you do not need to focus on the process once initiated and may continue performing actions as normal. The forming process is also faster based on how low the target's health is(*).

Each time the marked individual sips a health elixir the brand will become weaker, until eventually it will fade entirely. However, each time you connect with one of: FLAMEWHIP, CHAR, or SMOULDER, the brand will flare, becoming stronger.

The stronger a brand is, the weaker a subjects resistance to fire damage shall become.

  • The brand is faster to form below 75% of the target's max health, and even faster at below 50%.
Latency The insidious embers that lay beneath the skin.
Syntax: IGNITE LATENCY <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

By manipulating the brand of Kkractle just so, you can cause it to send its searing heat throughout the skin of your unfortunate victim. The fires shall lay dormant in key locations, punishing your enemy when they seek to escape their doom. The brand shall strike them in more ways the more times it has flared, and shall be consumed upon use:

Once: your target shall lose the frost elixir and be unable to reapply it for ten seconds. Twice: your target's next attempt to sip a health elixir shall be somewhat reduced, and it shall not reduce the fires of a brand of Kkractle, if one marks their brow. Thrice: the remnants of the brand within your foe's brow shall immediately reignite, causing a brand of Kkractle to spontaneously reform. This brand will be treated as newly formed, and will need to be flared again if you wish to make use of it.

Explosion Contained devastation.
Syntax: IGNITE EXPLOSION <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

If your foe is marked with the brand of Kkractle you may cause it to violently explode, causing them to take damage based on how many times said brand has flared. Additionally, the more times the brand has flared, the more additional effects shall strike them down:

Once: Afflicts with ablaze. Twice: Afflicts the target with blackout. Thrice: Stuns the target.

These are cumulative, so a brand that has flared three times will strike with all of the three effects.

Primalwill From ash did you come.

While your spark is fanned to the maximum extent possible, you are able to invoke the will of Kkractle when performing certain abilities(*). Doing so will alter said abilities in the following ways:

Flamewhip: consumes two levels of your primal spark, but will cause any brand of Kkractle upon your target to flare twice instead of once. When using flamewhip in this way it will not deal any afflictions: however, if no brand is present, both paralysis and sensitivity will be delivered.

Smoulder: consumes one level of spark (plus the initial cost) and increases the damage. This stacks with the bonus from the target being ablaze.

Char: consumes two levels of spark and does increased damage.

Conflagrantweave: consumes two levels of spark (plus the standard cost), and massively speeds up the cast time along with delivering ablaze on cast time as well as when the target writhes free.

Slough: consumes two levels of spark and removes the balance cost.

Blister: consumes three levels of spark and knocks the target off balance in addition to the normal effect. Additionally, will cause their blisters to split open when they try to use non standard methods of health healing, causing those methods to become inaffective for the duration of the affliction.

Comet: consumes one level of spark and gives a short stun in addition to comet's normal effects.

Pyroflare: consumes two levels of spark and transfixes your target if you are successful in your attempt.

Lasso: consumes one level of spark and knocks your target off balance once they have been pulled back to the ground.

  • Append the word INVOKE to your attack to do this. For instance: IGNITE FLAMEWHIP
Pyroflare And to ash shall they return.
Syntax: IGNITE PYROFLARE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

By focusing your intent upon a target, you may summon forth a tremendous flare to scourge them from existence. While focusing you may perform no actions and on completion your foe shall suffer extreme damage.

Immolation All-consuming flame.
Syntax: IGNITE IMMOLATION <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Your mastery of the brand of Kkractle is now so great that you may flood it with power, causing it to become impossible to remove for a time(*). However, doing so will lock that brand in whatever state it was in at the time of immolation(**).

A brand may only be immolated once.

  • Lasts 30 seconds, and is still removed by brand attacks such as explosion.
  • > The brand will not be decreased by sipping health, but neither will it be flared when attacking.
Cremation A fire to sear the soul itself.
Syntax: IGNITE SOUL OF <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Burning the physical is simple; with this ability, you may lash at the soul of your target, harrying it to such a degree that upon it leaving its prison of flesh upon true death, it shall immediately be forced to flee to the halls of Ugrach.

You may only utilise this ability once every 30 minutes, and the cremated status stays on a target for 1 minute. If they are not dead when that minute is up, the status expires

Stream Your gaze is reach enough.
Syntax: IGNITE STREAM <target> <dir>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Strike down those of your enemies that stand within your line of sight with a column of flame. If your target is already ablaze this attack does increased damage; if they are not, they will be set alight.

Flashpoint From an ember to an inferno.
Works on/against: Self

By placing a primal spark in a location, you may merge with that spark from anywhere on the same plane or continent, instantly travelling to its location(*). You may have up to three sparks at a time, but take note: upon merging with a spark your form will be unable to produce a new spark for a short time(**), making it impossible to place another flashpoint.

  • Blocked by a monolith on either end.
  • > 1 minute.
Nova Power to set the world aflame.
Syntax: IGNITE NOVA <target>
Extra Information: Requires moderate spark.
Decreases spark by two levels.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Summon forth a cataclysm unlike any other to annihilate your foes from existence. This ability requires your target be below 30%(*) of their maximum health and will slay them outright.

  • 40% if the target has sensitivity.
Incandescence Let them look upon you and despair.
Extra Information: Clears all spark on use.
Works on/against: Adventurers

By becoming a conduitt for Kkractle's power, you may surround yourself in the terrible incandescence of the Primal Fire, immediately slaying any that dare look upon your brilliance(*) providing they be sufficiently vulnerable(**). If your aggressor is not vulnerable enough to be slain, they will be transfixed instead.

You may not perform any actions while incandescent, though you may during the short windup period for said incandescence to manifest. Note that on successfully using this ability all of your spark will be wiped and you will become unable to become incandescent again for three minutes, unless upon the Elemental Plane of Fire.

  • For the purposes of this, it is anyone that performs a hostile act against your person.
  • > Below 25% of their maximum health.