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With the skill of Hypnosis, members of the Serpent class are able to implant subliminal messages into the minds of their victims and bend them to their will. Hypnotic ability may also be used to cause afflictions, such as hypochondria.

Abilities in Hypnosis

Ability Description
Impatience Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Clumsiness Inability to use weaponry effectively.
Amnesia Causes the victim to forget to do his next action.
Addiction A terrible addiction to elixirs.
Paranoia They are out to get you, believe me.
Loneliness Fear of being left on your own.
Claustrophobia Fear of enclosed spaces.
Stuttering Anxious difficulty with speech.
Hallucinations Vivid hallucinations to plague your foe.
Pacifism Loss of desire to cause anyone harm.
Hypersomnia A condition that prevents insomnia.
Dementia Hugely distorts victim's perception of the world.
Deadening Weakening of the mind.
Epilepsy Throw your victim's nervous system into disarray.
Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces.
Masochism The love of your own pain.
Analyse Discover the implanted suggestions in someone.
Recklessness Ignorance of health and disregard for well-being.
Vertigo Fear of heights.
Cleanse Clean yourself or another of suggestions.
Lethargy A distinct lack of energy.
Anorexia Loss of desire to eat.
Disrupt Destroy your opponent's mental equilibrium.
Confusion Causes the mind to become confounded.
Stupidity Abject, stumbling idiocy.
Generosity Indiscriminate, overwhelming generosity.
Action The ability to suggest an action of your choice.
Hypochondria The conviction that one is constantly afflicted.
Mesmerise Much subtler, near-undetectable hypnosis.