The Hoalanatha is a sit-down restaurant found on the southern shores of the island of Zanzibaar. Crafted from an old vessel, this ship offers its patrons the option of dining either up on the main deck or down below in the hull. To order food, simply go to a room with a menu and give the correct amount of gold for the dish to Vadoor, the grook server, or Paedri, the rajamalan server. Silana, Siren of the Hoalanatha also works here, offering its patrons a number of exotic drinks.


Onion crepe - 65 gp
A savoury onion crepe. A fine snack to placate your hunger for some time.
Fried sea nettles - 80 gp
A daring basket of crunchy fried sea nettle tentacles.
Midye dolmasi (mussels) - 100 gp
A collection of mussels, touched with a hint of lemon and pepper, with a side dish of rice tasting of pine nut and currant.
Spice-grilled scombra - 125 gp
A succulant fillet of scombra, garnished with a medley of delicious spices.
Roasted cobra - 135 gp
Don't be put off by the fierce-looking fangs, the flaky white meat contains a delectable mixture of flavours and aromas, going perfectly with the side dish of rice, wild mushrooms, herbs and white wine.
Dressed lobster - 140 gp
Nothing can beat the taste of a fresh lobster. With succulent flavours, and tender meat, this is indeed fit for the King of Zanzibaar.
Buttered prawns - 150 gp
With bursts of butter and the sweet mild taste of coconut rice, this is a refreshing compliment to the succulent crustaceans.