Historical Timeline

The following is a timeline of Modern Achaea and the events that have transpired since. It is a work in progress.

16th of Aeguary, 172 AF:

Modern Age of Achaea begins.

Other notable events in 172 AF:

Erebus becomes first mortal to enter Achaea.

Gawain becomes the first player to kill another, dealing out righteous justice to the chaotic Harlequin.

Modern guilds are founded:

Guild Founder
Paladins Gawain
Serpentlords Crotalus
Druids Haidion
Occultists Harlequin
Sentaari Kothlun
Kharon Changcoix

174 AF:

Rurin, the Crafter, opens the first of his many shops in Ashtan.

The philosopher Epicurus begins taking students.

175 AF:

Haidion, the Wanderer, discovers the plainspeople village of Tomacula.

176 AF:

Servelan de Vermiis opens her infamous Loving Hearts Orphanage, at which lost children may be enrolled.

Some start to suspect that the orphanage has a more nefarious purpose than formally stated. They are correct!

The Buckawns and Dryads clash, leading to deadly animosity between them.

177 AF:

The druids Portis and Buckthorn open their Crystal Leaf Inn.

Servelan de Vermiis becomes Secretary of the Occultists guild.

178 AF:

The modern Priest guild is founded by Father Odysseus.

Thoth, the Deathgod, reveals himself to mortal eyes.

182 AF:

Sarapis, the Logos, reveals to all that the Loving Heart's Orphanage is, as many suspected, guilty of murdering the orphans it claimed to protect.

184 AF:

The Kharon Empire is formed. The Overlords of the Empire are Servelan de Vermiis, Grandmaster Laergon, Uldrais the Masked Assailant. The Sentaari, led by Aeschylus, form a temporary alliance with the Church to fight it.

185 AF:

Servelan de Vermiis becomes the first person of the modern age to attain the rank of guildmaster, known in the Occultists as The Demiurge.

186 AF:

Tarkun, a rogue Kharon, and Isildur and Mausolus, two Occultists, begin to sow the seeds of dissent in the Empire with continual in-fighting.

Cactus weed is discovered to be a euphoria-inducing substance, and becomes popular among some of the Druids and Serpentlords.

187 AF:

Morpheus, of the Endless, is thrown out of the Occultists by Servelan de Vermiis after he attacked her. The Kharon guild defends him and lets him into their ranks. These are the final nails in the coffin of the Kharon Empire, and it dissolves due to internal strife.

189 AF:

The de Vermiis art gallery opens in Ashtan. Public opinion is positive, though it has some art which depicts the Church in a rather unfair light.

190 AF:

Journals written by Servelan de Vermiis, detailing experiments involving the organs from the brains of children are discovered.

The Arboretum of Enlightenment is opened by Servelan.

Servelan completes an intricate, magical experiment involving the Loving Hearts Orphanage, the de Vermiis gallery, and the Arboretum of Enlightenment. She summons and merges with the Unnamable Horror and is reborn into Eris, Goddess of Chaos.

Azhrarn, a young Serpentlord, discovers the ancient, underground library of the Lorewardens, now overrun by goblins and the minions of Lachesis, the Spider Queen, in the Dakhota hills.

Galadriel, a Druid, gives her life to re-awaken Gaia, the Earthmother, in order to defend the realm from the chaos released by the Ascension of Eris.

Sir Gawain opens his Halfway House in Ashtan, in order to provide an alternative to the murderous de Vermiis orphanage.

191 AF:

During an attempt to repeat Eris' experiment, Mordyval, an Occultist, unleashes the Spawn of the Unnamable Horror.

Haidion, the Wanderer, finds passage through the western Vashnar mountains, and discovers the redwood Aalen forest, in which lies the long-forgotten racial homeland of the Tsol'aa race.

193 AF:

The Gods grant the gift of Divine Grace to mortal-kind.

The Celani Hermes wins a bet with Raclawice, Goddess of Rogues and Gamblers, and gains her power to become the god Hermes, the Messenger.

The God of Justice, Dunamis, is able to escape his imprisonment on another plane through the sacrifice of Tassad Barsalan. He is renamed Deucalion, God of Justice.

The Matsuhama Arena opens on the Isle of Delos.

196 AF:

Sarapis throws a now-legendary party in the Crystal Leaf Inn. Drakhen drinks himself to death, and in a strangely romantic gesture, Zandramas and Lufton intentionally drink themselves to death in each others arms.

Cobra, formerly a member of the Serpentlords, leads a group of former Serpentlords to Ashtan and founds the Shadowsnakes guild in the newly-rediscovered, magically-preserved, sunken ship of Callisto and Sinope.

The first wedding in Achaea's modern age takes place. Changcoix and Morlana are married in the Wedding Chamber of Maya, in the Chrysalis Basilica.

198 AF:

Sarapis, the Logos creates Aeyr, God of Magic.

Twilight, God of Darkness, emerges from the shadows to once again participate in the intrigues He so loves.

200 AF to 299 AF

Summary of the years to go here (yes a summary of a summary), until then, 200 AF to 299 AF.

300 AF to 399 AF

Summary of the years to go here (yes a summary of a summary), until then, 300 AF to 399 AF.

400 AF to 499 AF

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