Sir Gawain was a first-generation adventurer who was born in the year 156 AF, around the beginning of the Modern Age. He founded the modern Templars guild, and was noted as the first to slay another adventurer when he brought death to the Occultist Harlequin.

In 176, Gawain became the first mortal to follow Daedalus, God of Balance.

In the year 190, he founded the Halfway House in Ashtan as an alternative to the murderous practices of the Loving Hearts Orphanage.

In 208, Gawain left the guild he had worked so hard to found, citing certain unnamed perturbances. In the years to follow, he became something of a notorious drunk.

The remains of Sir Gawain are now entombed in a mausoleum within Matsuhama's temple, the Halls of Combat.

A statue of Sir Gawain stood in the Basilica, in honour of Gawain's role founder of the Templars guild.