Garden of the Arts (Bardic)

By: Kiusha Posted on: August 29, 2006

The Garden of the Arts

A boundary of balsam trees,
encircles a group of groves,
in each a muse, immortalized,
each one a secluded trove.

The grove imbued with Calliope,
strains to hear her words,
of heroes, triumph, and victory.
Those epics should be heard.

The wind whirls soft at Terpsichore,
through the glade that seems so grand,
inviting movement, dancing too,
no one can merely stand.

Euterpe dwells on jungle ground,
its natural acoustics amazing,
enhancing music, pleasure too,
whilst not letting noise in.

The starry-eyed muse Urania,
dwells in perpetual twilight.
The statue glows, like the moon.
Grove bathing in mysterious light.

The quietly observing Clio,
will watch for centuries on.
Her grove is ancient, as is she,
holding secrets from times far gone.

Polyhymnia gazes to the sky,
humbled beneath three firs.
Divine glory pervades here, silently
enough to make a mortal soul stir

A chilly wind drifts through here,
under Melpomene's mournful eyes,
The wind is moaning, and weeping.
All kinds of drama fill the sky.

Erato looks dreamily across her glade,
a silent love song at her lips,
The beauty of words, of language,
sails through the sky like a ship.

Thalia lifts our spirits high,
filling the sky with her joy.
Sadness cannot enter her grove,
in here everyone will enjoy.

And amidst all this, a statue found,
of Scarlatti, the Bard of Bards.
The garden enchanting, bemusing allround,
inspires you, takes you off guard.