Frolic in the Waves

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By: Gnaash Posted on: July 24, 2006

Every time Gnaash go to see
Sandy beach on Eastern Sea,
Leave behind the greensward turf
And wade into the sapphire surf,
Meet a pretty girl who smile
Ask Gnaash stay and frolic while
Seagulls sing a haunting tune
Of the Tide and silver Moon.
Girl not quite like other girls.
Long hair hang in gentle curls
That brush upon a blushing cheek.
Red lips part, girl start to speak,
"Come frolic in the waves with me!"
Girl turn to go and then Gnaash see.
No feet, no leg, but tail like fish
Through blue water gaily swish
As the mermaid swim away
Into the crashing waves to play.
Troll not swim like froggy grook,
Nor thrash nor splash like trout on hook;
Gnaash know how tread water fine
So kick and paddle, fall in line
Behind the girl with sea-green hair.
Gnaash admire, but try not stare.
Mermaid twirl Gnaash round with glee
In the briny wine-dark sea.
Swim away from sandy shore
Past the breakers, little more;
All around the deep azure
Sparkle innocent and pure.
"Gnaash need go. Is getting late!"
A trilling laugh. The girl say, "Wait!"
Girl kiss Gnaash coquettishly
And dive into the deep blue sea.
Gnaash blink and wave goodbye before
The rolling tide wash back to shore.
Will be a cause of Gnaash chagrin
If ever wash this cheek again.