Falls landmark

Located on the river flowing through Dun Valley, the falls landmark - like all other landmarks - had become the foci for energy from the Ethian shards that had landed nearby. Adventurers around Sapience found that the falls could be affected by blood sacrifice. By taking corpses to slaughterhouses within the city-states, buckets could be filled with blood for the purpose of affecting the falls' alignment. When the falls became volatile during Ethian's Crossing, blood poured over the waters resulted in either defilement or sanctification of the landmark. When it became sufficiently defiled, the water took on the colour of blood, becoming known as the Blood Falls and producing life essence for Necromancy users. Conversely, if the falls had been sufficiently purified, the waters turned crystal clear, and the landmark transformed into the Celestial Falls, generating devotion for Devotion users.

When a ritual conducted by the Conclave failed and distorted all the landmarks, the falls turned ruddy, murky, and useless until the last of its power was sacrificed years later to create the Goddess Makali in what became known as the Birth of Destruction.