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Available to those of the Apostate class, Evileye is a way of afflicting one's opponents with a variety of ailments. The curser must always be in a state of true sight in order to utilise this skill, and a curseward will provide protection against most of the abilities in Evileye.

Abilities in Evileye

Ability Description
Fear Instill great fear in your target.
Deaf Dampen an opponent's hearing.
Impatience Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Clumsy Your victim will fumble about.
Vertigo A devastating fear of heights.
Bleed Curse your opponent with uncontrollable bleeding.
Amnesia Make your victim forget what he meant to do.
Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces.
Breach Cut through an opponent's curseward.
Dizzy Causes problems when trying to move.
Claustrophobia Fear of being under cover.
Paranoia They are out to get you, believe me.
Blind Curse an opponent with blindness.
Masochism The love of your own pain.
Asthma Creates difficulty when breathing.
Truestare Cast the evil eye through magic shields.
Reckless A dangerous disregard for personal well-being.
Epilepsy Disrupt the nervous system of your victim.
Confusion Befuddle the minds of your enemies.
Peace Fill your enemy's mind with thoughts of peace.
Dementia Distorts the victim's perceptions of the world.
Paralyse Freeze the limbs of your enemy.
Plague Curse someone with the voyria affliction.
Addiction Creates an addiction to elixirs.
Cowardice Rob the courage from a victim.
Stupid Make a victim dumb as a rock.
Manaleech A terrible curse of the mind.
Sensitivity Cause your victim to become extremely sensitive to pain.
Vomiting Upset the stomach of your enemy.
Sleep Put an enemy to sleep, or remove his sleep defences.
Anorexia A terrible condition, preventing one from eating.
Deadeyes Inflict multiple ailments simultaneously.